PTO General Meeting, September 29th @6:30pm

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Please join us in the PAL room at EHSI for our first PTO General Meeting of 2014/15 on Monday, September 29th.

Little ones are welcome! Interns are available to watch students while you attend the meeting. Please email to reserve your spot!

Immediately following the PTO General Meeting, parents are invited to a Meet & Greet, honoring our new principal, Terri Seguenza. Refreshments will be provided.


Our principal, Terri Seguenza, will discuss her first month at Eagle Heights and how our student population is adjusting to new schedules and full-time kindergarten.

We will have a presentation on the upcoming referendum. Find out how your vote will affect us personally, at Eagle Heights.

Also, PTO and SEF will present their plans for the year.

Bring your ideas on how to make your student’s day at school even better! Suggestions will be taken for PTO budget allocation for 2014/15.

Ideas such as the rock wall, sensory skills equipment for kindergarten and inflatable ball chairs for 6th graders, have been shared, and implemented by the PTO in past years.


PTO Supports Vote YES!

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The Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion PTO unanimously supports the vote YES campaign!  Please get out and vote YES twice on November 4th!

Referendum 2014: Voting information

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Please Vote November 4

It’s important that all Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion families be informed about the two referendum questions concerning school funding that will be on the general election ballot this November 4th.
1. Watch the four-minute video, above, to learn the facts.
2. If there’s a chance that you might be really busy or out of town on Nov. 4, request an absentee ballot online.
3. If you’re not registered to vote in Eden Prairie, register online.

Only 29% of parents with students in EP Schools voted in the last election. PLEASE GET INFORMED AND VOTE!!!

Be In The Know

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Eden Prairie Schools Referendum 2014 Questions and Impact:

Ballot Question #1:

The district will ask residents to renew its existing operating levy and increase the amount by $700 per pupil for the next 10 years.

If Question #1 is approved:
 Net tax impact of $8/month on a median valued home of $325,000.

Prevents $10 million in cuts next year.
 Stabilizes the district’s finances for at least the next five years.

Ballot Question #2

Builds on Question #1 with a proposal to increase the district’s operating levy by an additional $150 per pupil for the next ten years. For Question #2 to pass, Question #1 must also be approved.

If Question #1 and #2 are approved:
Net tax impact of $13 per month (Question #1=$8/month, Question #2=$5/month) on a median valued home of $325,000.

Prevents $10 million in cuts next year and stabilizes the district’s finances for at least the next five years.

AND, will make needed investments in students including:

Improve reading levels for the youngest learners by lowering class sizes in kindergarten and grade 1.

Better prepare students for a 21st century workforce through personalized learning in grades 2-12.

Maximize benefits of 1:1 technology supported by approval of last year’s technology levy.

Parents of students are vital in voting on this referendum. Please mark your calendars and vote on November 4th.

EHSI PTO Meeting March 10th, 2014

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Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion PTO Meeting
District 272
Meeting Notes
March 10th, 2014
Teacher’s Lounge

Call to Order  – completed

Roll Call  – Kelly Hedlund, Michelle Barnes, Amanda Muhlbauer, Shelley Meadows, Kelly Carruth, Melissa Moehrl

Reading & Approval of Minutes of the Preceding Meeting – completed

Approval of Agenda of current meeting – completed

Reports of Officers

Secretary – duties on track
Treasurer – see below for discussion on use of Maraton Funds
Vice President – e-blast was sent requesting volunteers
President – see below
Reports of Committees
Sign Up Genius procedure – per Melissa, please include “Date Needed By” in the Subject line.
Family Fun night was successful.

Review Calendar and Upcoming Events
April 17th – The Works Event – Melynn Muilenburg will be heading up event. High school students will be used (via High School Outreach program) to be the volunteer leads for each activity.
The Works will conduct training for the high school students prior to the event – 3 high school volunteers per room have been requested. 2-3 members of The Works museum will be on hand.
Discussion on whether the high school students should be Spanish speaking? The board and Melynn felt that we should start with English speaking volunteers and reassess for future events.
Post-event feedback will be requested from participants.

Volunteer Needs: Email has been sent to recruit parents for board positions next year, including 2014/2015 treasurer.

Budget items
Discussion on use of Target Taking Charge of Education Funds and how those are utilized for the school – Kelly to follow up.
Discuss use of Maraton Funds
Overall process – staff was asked to fill out a form with four questions requesting funding for sustainable projects that tie back to educational goals and can be carried over from year to year to benefit a wider reach of students over time.
In order to obtain more teacher requests, discussion on printing request form and providing it to teachers to fill out for submission.
Approval process starts with input from principal and PTO presidents to determine if funding can occur via an existing budget source outside of PTO. If no existing source exists, the PTO board must approve along with principal input.
Discussion on having parent representatives from each grade provide input on approval as well.
All purchases are made by Gayla, and PTO writes the check for payment, management by Gayla.
Examples of approved use of funds thus far:
Flashlights for Sra.Pierson’s 3rd grade reading project
Microwaves for teacher’s lounge
Headphones for English language arts
Book purchases for authentic Spanish language-translated books for classrooms
Examples of requests of funds:
Spanish wall mural – vendor provided by Amanda M.
Artist in residence to choreograph 6th and 4th grade dance for Spring Dance festival (top priority for Elizabeth). The board was not in favor of hiring an artist in residence on a yearly basis. The board would like to see this funded as a one-time investment utilizing in-person instruction + video recording to support the sustainability needed beyond the first year of instruction (e.g. choreography is set one-time and carried forward to subsequent grades, and video recording of instruction is passed down to subsequent staff for those grades to create a sustainable investment without requiring a yearly expenditure for artist in residence).
School Tool Boxes – discussion on getting rid of it as a school fundraiser and offer it only as service with a better price point on offerings.

Announcements – N/A

Adjournment – completed at 5:00pm