SEF Coin Drive March 2-6th

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Coin Drive Next Week – March 2-6! 

CALLING ALL STUDENTS! Help SEF raise money for the intern program by bringing in your loose change and dollar bills next week, March 2-6. If we fill the school jug at least once, Sra. Siguenza and Sra. Zauhar will experience a “Principal Plunge” of icy water dumped on their heads. The coin drive ends on March 6 at Family Fun Night. Stop by the SEF table to help fill the school jug!


<Websiz-PrincipalPlunge copy.jpg>

Order your child’s yearbook by March 31st

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Order your child’s yearbook now!! Special pricing for 2014-15 School Year only!

$17- Soft Cover

$22- Hard Cover


All yearbooks are personalized with child’s name and photo and include “Zoom” current event inserts.

Deadline to order is March 31st, we are accepting online orders only. Use this link and job number:

Job # 10646515



Maraton Thank You

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Thank you to all students and families who raised money from the Maraton de Lecture for the EHSI PTO . We are putting the money directly back into the classrooms! We are currently taking requests from teachers of ways to use the money for anything that will enhance learning and/or help students and classrooms! Thank you again!

PTO Board Meeting Minutes

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Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion PTO Board Meeting

District 272

Meeting Notes

October 12, 2014


Dunn Brothers



▪ Call to Order completed


▪ Roll Call: Kelly Hedlund (Co President), Amanda Muhlbauer (Co President), Michelle Barnes (Co Vice President), Heather Totin (Communications / Co Vice President), Trisha Pergande (Treasurer), Stacy Stelter (SEF chair),  Melissa Engler (Communications Asst.), Kristina Lavelle (Classroom Rep Coordinator), Angela Hoffman, Kelly (did not not record last name)


▪ Reading & Approval of Minutes of the Preceding Meeting – completed


▪ Approval of Agenda of current meeting – completed


▪ Reports of Officers


  1. SEF
    1. Volunteer needs:
      1. Vice chairs to chair 2015
      2. Board member assistants
      3. Fundraising co-chair
      4. Most people who work with interns will be stepping down
    2. Intern Festival will be Fall/Spring this year
      1. Koraida (Kory) Zuhar accepted staff intern coordinator
      2. Fall festival will be during the school day
      3. Spring festival will be in the evening
      4. PTO was asked to supplement food and craft items
      5. Use PTO funds possibly from kindness retreat
    3. Treasurer
      1. Moved half of the bank balance to a money market account so we can earn interest.
      2. Donated $500 to the Vote Yes committee
      3. We need to decide where teacher grants will be pulled from (possibly savings)
      4. Perhaps an eblast giving ideas on purchasing for school and open for parent input.
    4. Classroom Rep
      1. Sandi Lindquist is Yearbook coordinator
      2. We have at least 1-2 photographers per classroom
      3. Most classrooms asked $25/student.
    5. Communications
      1. E-blasts will have scheduled dates from now on.
      2. Discuss indoor recess with Terri to find out if there’s anything PTO needs to purchase or request volunteers to help with.
    6. Presidents
      1. EHSI website has incorrect and out-dated information. We will check to see if there’s a re-direct or work around so parents aren’t confused by this information.
      2. Perhaps add “volunteer of the month” to the website, or “nominate a peer”. Also add in the school on the corkboard.
      3. Yearbook will be Lifetouch this year
        1. CMS students will teach 5th & 6th graders how to put the yearbook together.
        2. $16.49/yearbook, working a deal with Lifetouch due to error amount last year.
      4. Maraton Counting Party: We need a Sign-up-Genius
      5. Before we discuss what to spend Maraton funds on, we will wait to see how much we’ve raised.
      6. How do we issue donation receipts to those who wish to deduct their donations on taxes?
        1. Possibly start a PayPal account that issues a tax receipt?


REMINDER: Book Character Dress-Up Day Oct 1st!

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Book Character

Reminder send your kids to school dressed up like their favorite story character on Wednesday, October 1st! School appropriate costumes please; no weapons or Captain Underpants