Maraton de Lectura 2019

Posted September 24th, 2019 & filed under News

Tues. Oct. 1:                    Maratón de Lectura begins!

                                         Students start reading and tracking minutes on logs

Weds. Oct. 2:                  Spirit Day: Reading Rainbow Day

                                         Each grade level wears a different color:

Kinder = Red

1st = Orange

2nd = Yellow

3rd = Green

4th = Light Blue

5th = Dark Blue

6th = Purple

Weds. Oct. 9:               Spirit Day: Sports Day

                                      Represent your team by wearing a jersey, athletic attire or your team’s colors

Weds. Oct. 16:             Spirit Day: Curl up with a Good Book Day

                                      Wear pajamas or comfy clothes

Weds. Oct. 23:             Spirit Day: Unity Day

                                      Unite in kindness and acceptance to stand together against bullying – wear orange

Weds. Oct. 30:              Spirit Day: EHSI Spirit Day

                                       Wear red, white and black clothing, EHSI or Eden Prairie spirit wear

Thurs. Oct. 31:             Maratón de Lectura ends!